The Human Capital Agenda in EMEA

The Human Capital Agenda in EMEA

The Human Capital Agenda in EMEA

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Discover how innovative solutions can help create value for employers and employees, and ultimately contribute to sustainable growth.


The Human Capital Agenda in EMEA

Strategies for Sustainable Growth

We are pleased to release the seventh edition of the Human Capital Agenda in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This year’s publication brings together 20 articles by Mercer experts and human resources professionals from leading organisations headquartered in Europe or operating in the EMEA region.

The business context for HR in 2015 will continue to be uncertain. The one constant is the volatile, changing, and ambiguous environment in which our businesses serve customers, give returns to shareholders, and employ talent. In order to align with business strategy, best-practice HR organisations must reinvent their policies and operations to underpin sustainable business growth.

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Today's Global Economic State and Implications for Employers

Author: Dr. Gerard Lyons, globally renowned economist

Trends and Challenges in the Levant and the Gulf Cooperation Council

Authors: Razan Simaan and Nuno Gomes

Africa, China and Myriad Understandings

Author: Professor Stephen Chan (School of African and Oriental Studies, London)

Future-proofing Business Strategy with Workforce Planning

Authors: Julia Howes, Meera Anand, and Joanna Montanaro

New Frontiers in Talent Management

Authors: Christopher Johnson, Silvia Vanini, and Konrad Deiters

Women in the Labour Force and Economic Growth in Europe

Authors: Charlotte Harding and Katie Edkins

Internationally Successful: BMW Global Grading Project

Authors: Johannes Trauth (BMW) and Dieter Kern

Global Job Architecture: the Electrolux Journey

Authors: Mattias Ytterstrand (Electrolux), Griet Staelens (Electrolux), and Antonis Christidis

The Joy of Segmentation: a 21st-century Approach to Reward Management

Authors:  Mark Quinn and Joanna Montanaro

Executive Reward Simplification

Authors: Peter Boreham and Sophie Black

A Sharp Executive Remuneration Model to Boost Corporate Growth at Amplifon

Authors: Giovani Caruso (Amplifon Group) and Luca Baroldi

Say on Pay: a Panorama of European Practices and the Nexans Testimonial

Authors: Thomas Pasdeloup (Nexans) and Bruno Fourage

2015 Compensation Planning: European Forecasts and Trends

Authors: Alyson Callin and Alex Penvern

Corporate Values and Health and Wellness Benefits at KONE

Authors: Andrew Pilbeam (KONE Corporation) and Wolfgang Seidl

Implementing Online Total Rewards to Drive Employee Engagement at Deutsche Post DHL

Authors: Jelena Tesic (Deutsche Post DHL) and Jim Christopher

Managing International Mobility in a "VUCA" World: Procter & Gamble Practices

Author: Leonid Davydov (Procter & Gamble)

Sustainable Growth and Global Mobility: Spotlight on China

Author: Olivier Meier

A Deep Dive into the Practicalities of Local Plus

Authors: Anne Rossier-Renaud and Ulrico Lucchi

Leading the Way for Supplemental Retirement Savings at Heineken

Author: Sandra Winstanley (Heineken)

The future of HR: Developing a Next-generation Operating Model

Author: Dieter Kern

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