Mercer | When Women Thrive: Meet our Speakers

Mercer | When Women Thrive: Meet our Speakers

Thriving Workforce

When Women Thrive: Speaker Bureau

Mercer experts deliver powerful key note speeches, private workshops and custom sessions to educate, engage and empower CEOs, Chief Human Resources Officers, and others while helping them drive their growth strategies.  

Keynote Presentations and Workshop Topics include:

  • The New Business Imperative: The 6 Ps to Driving Business Growth through Women 
  • Workshop: Understanding Your When Women Thrive Custom Report 
  • Leadership Alignment: Ensuring Your Leaders are Engaged and Actively Participating in the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • The Role of Men: Debunking the Myths
  • Realize Your Potential: How Women Can Build Financial Security 
  • Top 5 Biases in Your Hiring and Promotional Policies: How are They Preventing You from Achieving Your Desired Outcomes?
  • Communicating to Your Female Employees 
  • Creating a Women-Centered Wellness Strategy 
  • Are Retirement Plans Designed for Men? Retirement Trends and the Impact on Women


Diversity and Inclusion Expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning: Building your internal Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Workforce Analytics and Planning:  Forecast your talent needs and understand how your diverse talent moves into, up through or around, and out of your organization
  • Best Practices for Global Policies and Procedures:  Mobility, Leave, Recruitment, Promotion and Retention
  • Improving Cultural Diversity during Mergers and Acquisition:  Due Diligence, PMO and Integration 
  • HR Transformation:  Creating a high performing HR Service Model that supports a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Employee Benefits Design:  Addressing the Unique Role of Women as Patients and Caregivers 
  • Driving Financial Wellbeing:  Focus on Women’s Unique Needs and Challenges
  • Communications and Change Management: Delivering important messages to your employees in a relevant and meaningful way
  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Education, evaluation, and program development
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