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Calendar30 6월 2017

Research Perspectives Vol. 5; No. 2

Welcome back to Research Perspectives! Our second issue for 2017 has been slightly redesigned. We hope you like the new look!

This edition begins with a Q&A with with Deb Clarke and Adeline Tan, who answers some important market-related questions with specific applicability to investing in Asia. Next, we turn to a piece that gets back to the basics of hedge funds and makes a case for investing in them according to the Mercer hedge fund philosophy. We then revisit the limitations of mean-variance optimization and the appropriateness of describing a portfolio as “optimal.” Our fourth piece, “The Long and Winding Road,” summarizes the findings of our analysis of portfolio turnover rates among long-only equity strategies of different types, and opines on the underlying trends. Finally, this issue of Research Perspectives closes with an article by Jillian Reid that furthers the dialogue on water-crises awareness (scarcity and flooding) and the related investment risks and opportunities.

Topics covered include:

  • Investing in Asia: Ample Opportunity for Those Who Look
  • The Case for Traditional Hedge Funds         
  • We need to be better Than ‘Optimal’
  • The Long and Winding Road           
  • Connecting the Fuel Tank and the Water Tank           
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