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What is GIMD™?

Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD) is a proprietary, web-based database containing information on more than 5,700 investment managers.

This global repository provides information and insights on investment managers and strategies across all asset classes: equities, bonds, real estate, and alternatives. The entries are maintained by the investment managers themselves, with our research consultants adding research notes, news items, research priorities, and ratings. The information in this database supports Mercer’s global research on investment managers and the manager searches that we perform for our clients.

Benefits of being in the database

There are many benefits to being in our database:

GIMD is web-based, ensuring that (real-time) information is immediately available to all members of Mercer’s Investments team. Managers can therefore communicate with our 1,200+ staff globally in a single transaction.

GIMD makes your firm visible to Mercer’s global manager research team which conducts more than 3,200 meetings with investment managers each year in order to identify investment strategies suitable for our clients. The database is a primary resource for identifying strategies suitable for research. During 2014, we used this research to help our clients with 961 manager searches worldwide, accounting for US$77.8 billion worth of assets placed.

GIMD also enables our current external subscriber base of more than 160 high-value clients worldwide to learn about your firm and its products. It allows investment managers to respond directly to requests for information from these investors. The geographical distribution of our GIMD subscribers is approximately equally split between the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific, and the client base is principally made up of large pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, multi-managers, private banks, and family offices.

Maintaining the information stored in GIMD often negates the need for our consultants to make requests for proposals or information (RFPs/RFIs). This reduces the strain investment managers often face when presented with multiple requests for similar information and makes the search process with Mercer significantly smoother and faster.

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